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Making Animal Sounds 让孩子学发动物的声音

语柔最近病了,是Stomach flu在国内可能是指急性的肠胃炎,又吐又拉的,本次的康复是在语柔还没有完全好的情况下进行的,所以基本上是以轻松为主,没有什么新的技巧,也没有给她吃任何食物,以防呕吐。另外我们后来取消了语柔的几次康复包括O.T. and S.T. 都是由于语柔的生病的原因。 Goals: development initial speech skills by making animal sounds. Other things includes: massage and drinking from cup which is mostly review from previous sections. Preconditions: Ella is 16 month old. She is still struggling with … Continue reading

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Lip and Cheek Stretch, Honey Bear with Straw and Turn Taking口唇肌加强使用小熊杯和游戏

本周开始正式使用Beckman的方法来做语言的康复,这是套成功率比较高的方法。 Goals: to strengthen upper, lower, horizontal lips and upper, lower cheeks by using Beckman method, to teach how to use honey bear cup with straw, to play with imitation and turn taking game which is the foundation for language … Continue reading

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