Occupational Therapy

Disclaimer: These therapy strategies are just for your references. They are not cures for any health problems related with Down Syndrome. It is your responsibility to consult your doctor for any concerns of your child. It is also your responsibility to keep your child safe in the process of doing any type of therapy activity.


This page contains videos about strengthening oral motor skills we learned from Ella's therapists. They are organized chronically. Feel free to explore them.



04/25/2012 Pincer Grasp用食指和大拇指拿东西

04/17/2012 Self-feeding with Spoon自己拿勺子吃饭

04/11/2012 About U Shape Cup关于U型杯子的使用

03/21/2012 Give it to Me and Practice Blow给我和吹泡泡

03/07/2012 Drink from Bottle and Cup, Scoop Food自己喂自己和从杯子喝水

02/15/2012 Make Food Thicker and Let Ella Explore Bowl and Bottle食物变稠和让语柔探索碗和奶瓶

02/01/2012 Strengthen Chewing Ability提高咀嚼能力


01/25/2012 Self-feeding, Pincer Grasp and Chewing自己喂自己PincerGrasp和咀嚼

01/11/2012 Become an Active Eater主动积极地吃东西

12/22/2011 Using Strong Flavors to Encourage Chewing and Swallowing Food Completely用重口味食物刺激彻底咀嚼和吞咽

12/07/2011 Crawling More Chewing Harder and More Flavors多爬多嚼多口味

11/16/2011 Increasing Oral Awareness, Eating Correctly and Whole Body Stimulation 提高口腔的敏感度和正确的吃的模式,全身刺激

11/02/2011 Use Chewy Tube to Strengthen Oral Muscles and Awareness 用咀嚼棒来提高口腔肌肉的力量和敏感度


10/18/2011 Increase oral awareness 提高口腔的敏感度

10/11/2011 Strengthen low tone oral muscles 提高口腔肌肉的力量

9/12/2011 Hand Gesture to Songs, Gesture Language and Oral Motor Stimulation 手势,手语和口腔刺激

8/22/2011 Feeding Baby Food 喂婴儿食物的方法





2/28/2011 Face massage 面部按摩

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