Physical Therapies

Disclaimer: These therapy strategies are just for your references. They are not cures for any health problems related with Down Syndrome. It is your responsibility to consult your doctor for any concerns of your child. It is also your responsibility to keep your child safe in the process of doing any type of therapy activity.


Ella's physical therapy sessions are introduced in blog and are indexed chronically in this page as below. Feel free to explore them.





Ella is 13-15 month old

04/17/2012 Keep Hands Up While Walking 举着手迈步

04/03/2012 Increase Low Register 提高身体的敏感度

03/28/2012 How to Make a Walker如何做助走器

03/20/2012 Building Up a Walker 自制助走器来帮助走路

03/06/2012 Standing Alone and Supported Walking独立站得更久和有支撑的走

02/21/2012 Wearing Orthoses, Standing Alone and First Step穿矫形鞋,独立站和迈步

02/14/2012 Supported Walking, Foot Arches, Nose Breather有支撑的走,足弓和鼻子呼吸者

01/31/2012 Standing, Crawling Upstairs, Imitating, Swinging and Developing Receptive Language站-爬楼-模仿和理解语言

Ella is 10- 12 month old

01/24/2012 Prepare for First Step and Build up Hand skills 为迈步做准备和手的技巧

01/17/2012 Get Ready for the First Step and Get First Orthoses Measured 准备迈步和矫形鞋

12/20/2011 Promote Ankles and Knees Alignment防止膝盖和脚踝在站立的时候扭曲

12/06/2011 Balance Standing, Going Up and Down Stairs and Cruising平衡站立-爬楼梯-边把着东西边移动

11/22/2011 Crawl from Belly to Hands and Knees 从腹部着地到4点着地爬

11/09/2011 Knee Walking, High Kneeling Position and Standing up in Correct Way 膝盖走路,跪立和正确的站起来的方式

10/25/2011 Self-help Feeding and Transition Position Upward 自我帮助吃奶和姿势转化

10/06/2011 Gives Ella a Sense of Walking 给语柔走的感觉

Ella is 7-9 month old

09/27/2011 Position Transition 姿势转化

8/30/2011 Tap Muscle and Sit up 拍肌肉和坐起来

8/22/2011 Neck Muscle Balance and Side Sitting 脖子肌肉平衡

08/09/2011 Sit up

08/02/2011 Pull to Stand up, Standing with Little Support and Correct Way to Sit 拉着站起来,有少量支持的站立和正确的坐

07/26/2011 Leg Flexed Weight-Bearing and Others 保持腿部承重并且膝盖不是锁死的

07/13/2011 Self-supported Standing and Sitting 自我支撑的站和坐

07/05/2011 Self-supported Sitting and Weight-Bearing on Hands and Feet 自我支撑的坐和手脚承重

Ella is 4-6 month old

06/28/2011 Cooing and Standing 呀呀说话和站

06/21/2011 Roll Over 全翻身

06/07/2011 Strengthen Chest-Arm-abdominal-Oral muscles and Weight-bearing on  Knees 强化胸-手-腹-口腔肌肉,膝盖承重

05/26/2011 Roll Over 翻身

05/19/2011 Language Development, Leg posture, Rolling over with a Purpose 语言发展,腿的姿势和有目的的翻身

05/02/2011 Trunk Extension and Weight-bearing 躯干伸展和承重

04/26/2011 Supported Sitting and Language Development 有支撑的坐和语言发展

04/19/2011 Body Feeling and Head Lifting 身体的感觉和抬头

04/11/2011 Facilitate Weight Bearing on Knees, Forearm Propping and Head Lifting 膝盖承重,手臂支撑和抬头

Ella is 0-3 month old

03/29/2011 Forearms Propping, Head Lifting, Back and Abdominal Muscles Strengthening 手臂支撑,抬头和腹部肌肉加强

03/16/2011 Facilitate Head Lifting 抬头

03/09/2011 Increase Tone and General Principles of Doing Therapy 增加肌肉的Tone, 基本原则做康复

02/28/2011 Right Position and Back Muscle Practice 正确的姿势和背部肌肉刺激

02/21/2011 Chest Muscle Practice and Head Control 加强胸肌和抬头

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