Speech Therapy

Disclaimer: These therapy strategies are just for your references. They are not cures for any health problems related with Down Syndrome. It is your responsibility to consult your doctor for any concerns of your child. It is also your responsibility to keep your child safe in the process of doing any type of therapy activity.


Ella's speech therapy sessions are introduced in blog and are indexed chronically in this page as below. Feel free to explore them.

Ella from 12 month - 16 month

05/04/2012 Making Animal Sounds 让孩子学发动物的声音

04/20/2012 Using Both Hands, Drooling and Serious Reverse Swallowing使用双手,流口水和逆向吞咽

04/06/2012 Reverse Swallow, Functional Play, and Tongue Out逆向吞咽,玩和舌头伸出

03/23/2012 Speak and Drink from Cup说话和从杯子喝水

03/09/2012 Speech, Eating Patterns and Body Parts说话,吃饭和身体的部位

02/24/2012 Encourage Mouth Close Posture and Speak More使嘴巴合拢-鼓励多说话

02/03/2012 Feeding, Discipline and Finger Play吃东西,管教和手指游戏

01/20/2012 Drink from Cup 从杯子喝水

01/06/2012 Language Development through Multiple Methods多途径促进语言发展

01/06/2012 Ella's Speech Therapy Goals (Long and Short Term Goals)目标

Ella from 0-11 month old

12/16/2011 Lip and Cheek Stretch, Honey Bear with Straw and Turn Taking口唇肌加强使用小熊杯和游戏

12/02/2011 Chew and Swallow 咀嚼和吞咽

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